Monserrate Palace Wedding Venue in Portugal

One of the most beautiful and romantic Palace Wedding in Portugal 

Monserrate Palace Wedding Venue is magical! Unique! Beautiful! The most romantic Palace Wedding in Portugal!

Located in Sintra the most romantic vila in Portugalat the heart of the mountains, and with nothing but magical woods as a surrounding, you will find the best venue for your romantic and unique wedding in Sintra just perfect for your Wedding Destination in Sintra. 


A fine example of Sintra’s Romanticism, this Romantic Palace used to be where the Portuguese Court spent their summer holidays. However, now a days it belongs to the state, and it is a protected monument in the middle of Sintra’s Natural Preserved Park. The Monserrate Palace Wedding Venue in Portugal has so many amazing aspects to it, that it is almost impossible to not fall in love with this beautiful and romantic Palace in Sintra.

Restored in 1858, the walls of that Palace of Monserrate Wedding Venue in Portugal are filled with as much history as beauty. If you are looking to have a fairytale wedding, and hoping to feel like a princess on your special day, then look no further, as the Palace of Monserrate Wedding Venue in Portugal, designed for aristocrats and catered to host the royalty, is guaranteed to make you feel like you and your partner are living a fairytale wedding dream. 

With its exotic architecture, and the balanced placing of beautiful and enchanted details wherever you look, we assure you that if you choose the Palace of Monserrate Wedding Venue in Portugal as your wedding venue in Sintra in Portugal, it will make your weddings dreams come true, and you will definitely not be disappointed with your choice for a beautiful and unique wedding in Sintra.

Monserrate Wedding venue in Sintra 

Monserrate Palace Wedding Venue in Portugal indoors are as pretty as the outdoors. Inside the different rooms are filled with romance and beauty, with marble arches, enchanting floors, and intricate walls. You will get lost in all the amazing details that this Romantic Palace in Sintra has to offer you and your guests. Outside this wedding venue in Sintra Portugal, the amazing gardens, surrounded by beautiful views, prove to be an ideal location for a cocktail to take place. Also, rest assured that the backdrop for your pictures will be nothing short of spectacular. 


Because this Sintra Wedding Destination venue in Portugal is protected by the government, and rightly so, there is a lot of paperwork that has to be done to get married here. However, do not worry, as your wedding planner in Portugal, is here to help you with exactly that. We can guide you from start to end and you will not have to worry about anything in your Unique Wedding in Sintra. Tell us your vision, and we will complete it especially for you and for your Sintra Wedding Destination!


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