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For your Destination Wedding in Portugal Wedding Venues Portugal offers you the best:
Historical wedding Venues
Castle and chateau wedding Venues 
Villa Wedding Venues

Do you dream of a fairytale wedding abroad Portugal? Do you dream of having a real wedding in historical monuments, castle and palace or stunning villas in Portugal? And do you dream of amazing perfect wedding stress free for your wedding abroad Portugal?

Wedding Venues Portugal offers you the most stunning wedding venues at your disposal for your stunning destination wedding in Portugal. From Majestic castles UNESCO World Heritage sites with exotic forests, Villas with a stunning view of the sea or historical palaces with breathtaking gardens, at Wedding Venues Portugal we offer you only the best experiences for your destination wedding Portugal.

We offer you incredible Castles, Palaces, chateaux and Villas wedding Venues for your wedding in Portugal.

We offer you the most Stress Free ALL INCLUSIVE WEDDING PACKAGE for your destination weddings in historical wedding venues in Portugal.

We offer you incredible Portugal Wedding experiences!

These wonderful places are all located in the most beautiful places of Lisbon and its region. In the heart of Lisbon's historic center, via Estoril on the most popular coastline of the Lisbon region, by the magnificent Sintra mountains, we assure you of the most romantic places for a perfect and stunning wedding at the destination from Portugal, one of the Best destination in Europe.

Discover our VENUES

With wedding venues Portugal you can have all this and more for your destination wedding Portugal.

When you have finally found the place of your dreams for your wedding in Portugal, organizing a wedding in a foreign country is far from obvious. You may face stressful situations .To avoid all this Wedding Venues Portugal offers you exclusive packages for getting married in a castle, a château or a Villa Wedding Venues in Portugal, which will relieve you of all the stresses of the organization and that will guarantee you a wedding more than perfect !!


We offer you at your destination wedding Portugal we offer you a variety of features. We provide you with life long memories at wedding venues Portugal. You will be given unbeatable experiences, and spectacular landscapes for your destination wedding Portugal. In the lovely town of Lisbon or Sintra Portugal, your wedding dreams will come true with the wedding venues Portugal that we offer. Everything from the town itself, to the spectacular Castle, Palace and villa wedding venues Portugal, and our unique services will make your destination wedding a success.


“Our wedding planning team is here to ensure that all wedding planning details are taken care of and are accompanied by our team”. We want you to feel as comfortable as you would from home, whilst we take care of everything from right here. We meet directly with vendors, suppliers, and merchants to allow you to de-stress. All you need to do is pass on your wedding mission and theme, and from there just let our wedding experts in Portugal to guide you through this exciting and one of a lifetime experience of planning your destination wedding in Portugal!


The raw talent and passion of our team, together with the most drop dead gorgeous Wedding Venues Portugal in Europe, and our all inclusive wedding package, will create the perfect combination to ensure for a successful destination wedding in Portugal!


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