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Guide to Your Wedding at

Monserrate Palace in Sintra

The Palacio de Monserrate (Monserrate Palace), is a beautiful and striking mansion about 3.5km from Sintra’s historic center. You’ll find a blend of Arabic, Gothic, and Indian architectural styles in this lovely summer house with gardens. It is one of the most beautiful mansions in Sintra, and guess what? Lisbon Wedding Planner can get you this space for your destination wedding in Portugal

Picture your guests having a cocktail on a beautiful terrace while you take gorgeous photos in the gardens and make memories that will last a lifetime. Your wedding in Monserrate Palace in Sintra can be a dream come true. Here a guide to show you what we mean.

The Wedding Venue Monserrate Palace

  • History & Location

The story of Monserrate Palace starts in 1540. Friar Gaspar Preto built a small chapel after he visited Barcelona, Spain. That chapel is what also lent its name to the adjoining palace and its gardens. It was assigned to Melo e Castro in 1718 but got severely damaged in the earthquake of 1755. A wealthy Irish man Gerald de Visme then rented the place and stayed in it for a short while. 

It was this Irish man who commissioned the construction of the Neo-Gothic parts of this castle. It was, however, not until 1794 that English Writer William Beckford settled here and started the redecoration of this palace and the landscaping of its gardens. The famous Lord Bryon was so impressed when he visited in 1809 that he included it in his poem “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage,” using words like “The first and foremost most beautiful palace in the kingdom.” 

This palace was then abandoned for some time after that until Francis Cook, another wealthy Englishman, bought it in 1856. He got the architect James Knowles Jr to include the palace’s Oriental style, and he is known as the 1st Viscount of Monserrate. The landscaping of the gardens was done by English gardener James Burt and the garden has plants from all over the world. 

Did you also know that if you watch the 1996 version of Gulliver’s Travels, you’ll see Monserrate Palace? Cool right?  This Palace has been classified as a Building of Public Interest since 1978.

  • Monserrate Palace Wedding Venue

Located in the middle of Sintra and perfect for your romantic destination wedding in Portugal, this venue is now a protected monument in the middle of Sintra’s Natural Preserved Park. You’ll enjoy the history that you can find on the walls that were restored in 1858, and you’ll feel like a princess on your wedding day here. 

You’ll also feel like royalty because this is where members of the Portuguese court used to spend their summer holiday. There are numerous options for your wedding, and if there’s one thing, we at Lisbon Wedding Planner know, it is that you’ll enjoy your wedding at the Palace of Monserrate Wedding Venue in Portugal.

  • Wedding Possibilities

There are lots of wedding themes that would work for your destination wedding here. However, every couple has their preference, so if you don’t see an option you’re interested in below, just contact us. We can make whatever vision you have for your wedding in this place happen. Below are some popular themes that couples use for their weddings in this location. 

  • Romantic Wedding

Your romantic wedding at Monserrate Palace can take many shapes and looks. You can use vintage moody hues for your design or just go with the popular classic pink. You’ll love how this venue carries it, and so will your guests. The loving ethereal vibes that Monserrate Palace gives off will support and show off the romantic details of your wedding. You’ll be swept off your feet!

  • Fairy Tale Wedding

One of the most essential elements of a fairytale wedding is your fairytale castle. Monserrate Palace more than fits this role. Like we already said, you and your guests will feel like royalty here. You’ll be surrounded in luxury and romance for a wedding that you will always remember. 

  • Garden Wedding

If you are a nature lover, you will adore getting married with the lovely garden at the Monserrate Palace in the background. The natural beauty of this location, with it’s blossoming flowers and trees, will create a gorgeous natural setting that stands on its own. You’ll love your pictures from this location. It’s a beauty to behold.  

  • Lisbon Wedding Planner Packages

It would be best if you had a local wedding planner who understands Portugal and is on ground to help facilitate the success of your destination wedding in Portugal. Lisbon wedding planner can be that planner for you. We have lots of amazing and flexible wedding packages for Monserrate Palace, which you can find here. Check out one of them below.  

Palace of Monserrate Classic Wedding Package

22,000 € for 50 wedding guests

Maximum capacity is 100 seated guests

Venue Rental


Palace and gardens rental Fee from 7:00 pm to 00:00 am with the following wedding flow:

Ceremony in the Music Room

Cocktail hour in the Gardens or in the Balconies of the Palace

Meal, Disco, Dance and Open Bar in the Hall of the Columns (different building)

Wedding cake served in the Gardens or in Hall of the Columns

Professional kitchen rental fee

Palace security

Guided visit to the Palace during the cocktail hour

Permission to take wedding photos in the gardens and main areas of the Palace

Palace nighttime illumination

Bridal car entrance permission

Final cleaning of the Palace

(*) Please notice that children are not allowed to have their meal in the Music Room (the children can stay with a baby sitter at the Hall of the Columns) the Palace will be open to the public till 07:00 pm


Wedding Coordination

Contact via e-mail and phone

General planning consultation

Supplier referrals and contacts: hairdresser / make-up artist / photographer

/ video /transportation /celebrant /designer/ florist

Assistance through the whole planning

Assistance on the wedding day

All day Wedding coordination – 1 event coordinator during the whole event

1 maintenance housekeeper during the whole event


Wedding Flowers

Bridal Bouquet

1 Boutonnière

2 baskets of white petals

6 Wedding centerpieces with flowers and candles

1 centerpiece for the ceremony table

Wedding Ceremony

Chairs for the ceremony (Monserrate Model)

1 high table with white tablecloth


Sound System

1 Sound system equipment for the ceremony and cocktail

2 wireless microphones 

Recorded music for the ceremony, cocktail and dinner

Sound System, Dj and LED lights for the Disco


Wedding Catering

Before the Wedding Ceremony: water and juice

Wedding cocktail: canapes and drinks

3 Courses wedding meal: starter, main course and dessert served with water and wines

Coffee or tea 


Wedding Cake: 3 Layer white wedding cake and portuguese sparkling wine

Open Bar*: 1 hour of open bar with Vodka, Gin, Beer, Wines, Whisky, Martini, Port Wine, Baileys, Brandy and Soft Drinks

*There is no limitation on the number of drinks served per guest during the whole event; drunk guests will not be served 


Wedding Decoration

Indoor: Ballroom with round tables with tablecloth for 8 to 10 guests

Chairs for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception

Outdoor Lounge set-up

1 Table for the wedding cake

1 table for gifts and cards

Wood table markers number, menus and seating plan (name tags not included) 

*Prices include 5 hours services; to extend, please contact us

** The venue rental fee is included till 00:00 am; to extend, please contact us


** Prices don’t include transportation, photographer, hairdresser, babysitter, celebrant nor registrar fees

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we excel at planning and successfully hosting destination weddings in Portugal. Would you love to have your wedding at Monserrate Palace? We’re ready to make that happen. All you have to do is contact us today!

Monserrate - Wedding Videos

Monserrate - Wedding Videos

Monserrate - Wedding Videos
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Chinese Wedding in Portugal at Monserrate Palace ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

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Wedding at Monserrate Palace Catherine & Ben ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

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Wedding at Monserrate Palace and Pena Palace Sintra ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

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The Monserrate Palace


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