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Cascais Wedding Destination

In Portugal you can find what was originally a tiny fisherman’s village, Cascais Wedding Destination. It used to be a very petite town, with only a few bigger estates where people from Lisbon came to stay during their summer holidays, however along the years it has grown and evolved quite a bit. Despite all the changes, Cascais wedding destination in Portugal has kept its original charm, leaving the old houses, market, and cobble stone streets like their original self, and only building around them. Surrounded by sea, beaches and one of the best Marina’s, Cascais wedding destination, oozes of summer vibes, and offers the best scenarios for your destination wedding in Portugal.


Culture, Gastronomy, Leisure, Quality Tourism & Top Cascais Wedding Destination

Cascais Wedding Destination in Portugal has a lot to offer for your destination wedding in Portugal, including amazing cuisine, incredible beaches, and beautiful sights, where you can take amazing pictures with the sunset as the background. Because of it's original fisherman heritage, Cascais wedding destination, has amazing fresh fish that can be grilled or cooked depending on your taste, together with other typical Portuguese culinary. There are several typical restaurants, which will offer you the biggest range of flavours and typical dishes for you to enjoy during your destination wedding in Portugal.


Cascais Wedding Destination, is so diverse that there is always a wide array of activities for you to do throughout your destination wedding in Portugal. From boat rides, to bus tours, your schedule will never be empty. You can also choose to walk through the streets and discover the old architecture that has been preserved, have a meal in the old fort that has been renovated, visit Paula Rego’s museum, have a drink in the Marina, or even rent a bike for 1€ and ride until Guincho where you can visit one of the 8 most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are a beach lover, you can also choose to walk on the boardwalk that accompanies the beaches along Cascais’ coastline in Portugal for your destination wedding in Portugal.


At night, Cascais Wedding Destination in Portugal, metamorphoses from a quaint little village, to a town full of exciting nightlife, where you can choose to have drinks on rooftop bars, old pubs, or even in typical Portuguese bars. Whichever option you choose, we assure you Cascais wedding destination will not disappoint you, yet it might make you fall in love, especially during your destination wedding in Portugal.


No more than 3 minutes away, in Estoril you have one of the largest Casino’s in Europe, which usually has live music, creating a great ambience for a night of fun. If you are a nightclub lover, Estoril has a few nightclubs that will make your night even more thrilling. Also not far from Cascais Wedding Destination in Portugal are the Sintra Mountains, which are filled with enchanting monuments and Palaces for you to visit during your Destination Wedding in Portugal.

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