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Hindu wedding ceremony in Portugal

Palace of Monserrate has fabulous scenarios for your Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Portugal. The huge gardens with natural shades are the perfect location to celebrate your Hindu wedding ceremony in Portugal with your beloved ones. To have your Hindu wedding ceremony in Portugal at a venue of your choice, you need to go as a couple to Lisbon’s Hindu Temple, speak to the Hindu priest, book a date with him, and then ask him if he has the availability to be at your venue of choice on the day of the ceremony. We, as your wedding planners, can also assist you during this process if necessary.



The type of wedding ceremony you choose is completely up to you, and we as your wedding planners will see to it that all the paperwork is taken care of and that the proper arrangements are done, so that everything is ready on your special wedding day in Portugal. Therefore, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and if you would like any other type of wedding ceremony in Portugal in this beautiful and one of a kind wedding destination venues in Portugal.


Please contact our wedding planners to discuss this further as well

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