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Wedding Venues Portugal

Presents the best castle and palace wedding venues in Portugal

You have always dreamed of a unique wedding in a magical setting !!

Wedding Venues Portugal offers you the most breathtaking castles and palaces wedding venues in Portugal.

Monserrate wedding venue, Forte da Cruz wedding venue, Marques Fronteira wedding venue are some of the best wedding venues in Lisbon.

Amazing historical monuments for your dream wedding in Portugal, from UNESCO World Heritage sites, to amazing

views and exotic forests, you will be given unbeatable experiences, and spectacular landscapes for

your destination wedding in Portugal. Come discover these wonderful palaces and castles of

your dreams for a wedding out of the most beautiful fairy tales.

Weddings in Portugal - Wedding Venues Portugal


Finding the castle of your dreams is not an easy task, it must be as perfect as you had imagined. That's why Wedding Venues Portugal has made a selection of the most beautiful castles and palaces for your destination Wedding in Portugal.

Classic or unusual majestic castles, palaces with a view of the sea or with breathtaking gardens, palaces that are real works of art loaded with history. We invite you to discover our places and find your Castle or palace for your sensational and unique wedding to Portugal.

Monserrate Palace Weddings in Portugal

Monserrate Palace

Pena Palace Weddings in Portugal


Palacio Marques Fronteira - Wedding Venu

Marques Fronteira Palace

Gremio Palace Weddings in Portugal

Gremio Palace

Quinta do Torneiro weddings in Portugal

Quinta do Torneiro

Forte da Cruz Weddings in Portugal

Forte da Cruz


Hotel Palacio

Palacio Xabregas Palace weddings in Portugal

Xabregas Palace


Casa dos Penedos


Quinta da Bacalhoa

Patio Pateo a Gale weddings and events in Portugal

Pateo Galé

Wedding Packages

You have finally found the place of your dreams for your wedding in Portugal, but organizing a wedding in a foreign country is far from obvious. If you choose providers randomly, you may face stressful situations and end up with a wedding that will not suit you. To avoid all this, Wedding Venues Portugal offers you packages, which will relieve you of all the stresses of the organization and that will guarantee you a wedding more than perfect !!

Wedding Packages

Why Portugal

Top Reasons to Choose Portugal

You might find yourself thinking Why Portugal? Why should you get married in Portugal?


First of all because it is one of the best destinations in Europe in recent years that your guests will love to discover and visit! But visiting this country is not the only reason, there are many more: why you should choose to have a destination wedding in Portugal?


Honestly, there are many reasons why Portugal is the ideal destination. You probably already have an idea thanks to the books or blogs you have read; However, let us tell you why Portugal is THE destination for your abroad wedding.

Save Money



Location - Lisbon area

Lisbon or Lisboa Wedding Destination has beautiful weddings venues to offer you for weddings in Portugal. Wedding Venues Portugal offers the most beautiful castles and palaces in Portugal


Sintra Weddings in Portugal by Wedding Venues Portugal


Cascais Weddings in Portugal by Wedding Venues Portugal



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Are you ready to have your fairytale wedding in the sunny Portugal? Excited to visit our magical wedding venues? PORTUGAL WEDDING VENUES offers you extraordinary locations to have a destination wedding in Portugal. We cannot wait to help you along this journey towards the most special day in your life- your wedding day! Contact us to book now and together let us provide you with the most unforgettable destination wedding in our castle and palaces in Lisbon - Portugal


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