Wedding ceremony in Portugal

Castle and Palace Wedding venues are the best options for your romantic wedding ceremony in Portugal and there are several reasons for this.


Our wedding planners can help you with the decision that best fits you, and can also guide you in terms of the paperwork that needs to be filled out for the wedding ceremony. 


It is extremely hard to find wedding venues in Portugal that include everything you ever wanted for your wedding ceremony such as breathtaking views, unique architecture, palace styled decoration, and a feeling that you are a real princess and that your guests also belong to royalty. Even though this proves to be quite difficult to find, these destination wedding venues in Portugal are able to deliver all these features in such an elegant manner that it becomes quite impossible to refuse them for your wedding ceremony in Portugal.

The backdrop for your wedding pictures will be to die


Because our wedding venues in Portugal are all gorgeous, you can be assured that the backdrop for your wedding pictures will be to die for, and there is a lot of different creative angles that the wedding photographer can go with due to the scenery and architecture of these unique palace wedding venues in Portuga​l.

You Can Get Married Indoors or Outdoors

Whichever wedding venue you choose, whether you choose to get married indoors or outdoors in Portugal, we guarantee that your wedding in Portugal will be magnificent. This is due to the fact that one of the best assets of these wedding venues is that they are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside, creating the most unforgettable scenery for your wedding ceremony in Portugal.

Types of Wedding Ceremonies available at our venues


All our venues are available for:








- Jewish Wedding Ceremony

- Sikh Wedding Ceremony

- Catholic wedding ceremonies are not available at our wedding venues