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Corporate Venues in Portugal


Your companies success is our passion, and therefore we are happy to present to you these corporate venues in Sintra and in Lisbon Portugal, with laser focus on our client’s goals and desired outcomes. With professional corporate training, team building, interactive entertainment, and event technology, we believe that these Castle and Palace venues, will all prove to be the perfect fit to your event, by serving as your corporate venue in Portugal. All with extremely high standards and with highly skilled services, you will soon find that these stunning venues create the perfect atmosphere for team building and memorable experiences together with a passionate execution.

Corporate Venues in Sintra


In the middle of Sintra’s Mountain’s Natural Reservoir Park in Portugal, named as World Heritage by UNESCO with amazing views and exotic forests ,you will find these marvelous Castles, Monserrate Palace and Pena Palace for your best corporate events in Portugal.

Monserrate Palace Corporate Venue 

With the most impressive architecture that will leave all your guests stunned, the Monserrate Palace in Sintra is one of the most beautiful corporate event venues in Portugal. With significant historical importance, this venue made for royals, will have all the luxurious features needed for your corporate event in Portugal. In the midst of Sintra’s Natural Reservoir Park, and extremely close to Sintra’s heart, this venue is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful corporate venues in Portugal, which is also filled with history and culture.

There are several features that make this corporate venue in Portugal so unique, and therefore undeniable to our clients. The surrounding exotic gardens and forest not only provide you with the desired intimacy and privacy for your corporate event in Portugal, but they also serve as the perfect location for your cocktail to be served.


With the gorgeous Monserrate Palace as the backdrop, your guests can breathe in the pure air of Sintra’s Mountains whilst tasting the most exclusive cocktail catering. Your corporate event in Portugal can then proceed into the inside of the Monserrate Palace, inside the music room, which has various appealing characteristics.


The dome ceiling is not only jaw dropping beautiful, with its delicate and intricate details, but it also provides the best acoustic, which is perfect for your company’s presentations. This special room is also surrounded by large glass windows, allowing your guests to almost feel the unique greenery around them coming into the presentation room.


Afterwards you can choose to have an amazing dinner, made and served by highly qualified classed catering, providing you with a menu that will leave your guests 100% satisfied. We can, together with your company, design a personalized menu depending on what you would like to have served. However, we are sure that our Portuguese gastronomy will leave you and your guests extremely pleased.




Palace of Monserrate Corporate Events – Capacities:


Auditorium with Internet access – Theatre up to 70 guests – Surface: 66m2

Gardens – The gardens are quite huge

Music Room – Banquet up to 72 seated guests ; Cocktail up to 80 guests; Theatre 70 guests – Surface: 77m2

Hall of the Columns – Banquet up to 80 seated guests ; Cocktail up to 100 guests; Theatre 60 guests – Surface: 98m2



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Pena Palace Corporate Venue 


Pena Palace in Sintra Portugal, is without a doubt the perfect location to host your corporate event in Portugal. Not only does it have all of the necessary technical features, it also presents the wow factor for you and your guests. With stunning panoramic views of Sintra’s Natural Reservoir Park, clear sights to the ocean, extraordinary architecture, and an exotic forest as your surroundings, this corporate venue in Portugal will leave everyone amazed from the moment they step into this corporate venue in Portugal.

Pena Palace has a lot of history and was built by the Portuguese monarchy many years ago. With Moorish influence, and an architecture that was unconventional for that time period, Pena Palace in Portugal has become one of the most exclusive monuments in Sintra, Portugal.


You can choose to have the cocktail served to your guests on one of the Palace’s terrace, with outstanding panoramic views all around you. This corporate venue in Portugal also has very modern meeting rooms where you can host your exclusive presentation with all the high quality material necessary. The meeting rooms in Pena Palace in Portugal have a great acoustic, good space, and are neatly decorated, which will allow you to have professional meetings and/or presentations.


Afterwards if you choose to have your companies dinner at the Palace, you will be served one of the most gastronomically rich meals by the highest quality catering service. From typical Portuguese food to a special dish that you would like served, we can design a personalized catering menu that is sure to please all of your guests.


This corporate venue in Portugal is truly amazing due to all of these characteristics, as well as the fact that by hosting your Corporate Event in Portugal with us, not only will your guests have insight onto the professional side of the event, but they will also have the chance to visit one of Portugal’s most treasured monuments.


So what are you waiting for, kill two birds with one stone by having fun and work combined, and book now for a memorable corporate event in Portugal, in Sintra’s enchanted Pena Palace as your corporate venue in Portugal.


Pena Palace Corporate Events – Capacities:


Auditorium with Internet access – Theatre up to 80 guests (Located in the Farmhouse) – Surface: 72m2

Stag Room combined with Rooftop – Cocktail up to 120 guests – Surface: 81m2

Great Hall – Cocktail up to 80 guests – Surface: 128m2

Hall of Arches – Banquet up to 120 seated guests; Cocktail up to 200 guests – Surface: 162m2



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Corporate Venues in Lisbon



In the heart of Lisbon on the most famous and amazing location called ‘Praça do Comércio’, you will find the amazing venue Patio da Gale. With a perfect historical environment, in the heart of the city this venue with no comparison in Portugal will be perfect to hosting your corporate events in Portugal.

Patio da Gale Corporate Venue 


Patio da Gale in Lisbon, Portugal has some of the best features that make it an incomparable premium venue in Lisbon for your corporate venue in Portugal, the square, known (as the Palace Square) throughout the centuries, is a testimonial of great history. This historical and typical environment offers you a real experience for your corporate event.


This venue, where once the Royal Palace and the India House were located . Mainly characterized by architectural details, by the meaning of the square and the building to the history of the city, this venue emphasize the attractiveness of Lisbon as a premium touristic site, revealing itself as the perfect trendy venue to live and share the city.


With the Patio da Gale your corporate events will impress your guests from its entrance hall, not only will your guests be extremely pleased to discover and feel the city of Lisbon but also they will feel special to be welcomed in this modern patrimonial and historical Venue. With the signature of the architect Tiago Silva Dias, this project combine modernity with tradition, keeping the old traces of this place of great importance. Aims to be a space where one can experience the best in Portugal: gastronomy, Art and culture.


For your amazing corporate event, your guests will have the exclusive treat to spend a wonderful night under the spacious cloisters. This room can accommodate several seated guests. The neutral features offered by the Lioz (Portuguese limestone) floor, allow numerous layouts and the use of various colors in the multiple corporate and private events.


With a beautiful decoration, a great acoustic and the facilities equipped with all the modern technology necessities, you will enjoy a smooth presentation, cocktail, diner and Party.

With the highest quality catering service, incredible and elegant decoration, the Patio da Gale in Lisbon, Portugal, has been judged over a long period of time to be of the highest caliber and the most outstanding corporate venues in Portugal of it's kind aiming to be the space where one can experience the best in Portugal: gastronomy, Art and culture.


Patio da Gale Corporate Events – Capacities:


Total area : 1 487 m2

Central area: 526 m2

Cloisters area: 962 m2


Seating capacities

Theatre central : 600 seated guests

Banquet central: 480 seated guests

Banquet central & cloisters: 1 200 seated guests

Reception central: 800 seated guests

Reception central & cloisters: 1 800 seated guests



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