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Monserrate Wedding Ceremony in Portugal

The most requested wedding ceremonies in Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal, are civil and symbolic wedding ceremonies. With the symbolic wedding ceremonies in the Monserrate Palace in Portugal you can have anyone that you choose (or even several people) to speak and celebrate your wedding in front of your wedding guests. Many couples choose their parents and best man/maid of honor to speak about their wedding in Portugal. This allows your Monserrate wedding ceremony to become a lot more intimate and emotional, as the people closest to you are speaking directly about you.

If you choose a civil wedding ceremony in Portugal, the register can come to your wedding venue in Sintra Portugal and lead the wedding ceremony. At the end of both wedding ceremonies, you can have a glass of champagne with your guests, before going off to take the most marvelous pictures ever.

Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal is sure to offer you a dream fairytale wedding in Portugal with all its enchanting and magical features, making you feel like a complete wedding princess from the moment you walk into the wedding venue. First off, there is a huge aisle with golden toned columns that lead all the way up to the doors of the entrance to the wedding ceremony room. Just the walk down this aisle, will make you feel like royalty, and the exceptional details and astonishing architecture will not only meet all of your standards, but will create unique and mouthwatering wedding photo opportunities. This column aisle is unlike any other, and will create the most grand and magnificent panoramic entrance for you and your guests. We can guarantee that you will look astonishing whilst walking down this enormous aisle with golden and white toned Arabic influence details along the way. There is definitely nothing more romantic than this grand entry into your destination wedding ceremony in Portugal.

The Monserrate wedding ceremony is inside the music room of the Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal and by looking at the pictures of this room you will soon understand why by itself it is half of the glory of your wedding in Portugal. There are several features to this magical wedding ceremony room in the Monserrate Palace that make it one of the most unique wedding destination venues in Portugal. With a huge dome ceiling with intricate, golden and exotic Arabic influence details, magically sculpted stoned gigantic windows all around the room, this wedding ceremony venue in Portugal will make all your princess dreams come true and will definitely stun your wedding guests. The big windows surrounding the whole Music room, bring in amazing light and make you feel like the magical forest of Sintra outside is involving your wedding ceremony in Portugal and almost crawling into the inside of your wedding ceremony room.This makes pictures during your wedding ceremony unique and beautiful, filled with light, greenery, gold details, and you and your guests, creating an atmosphere that is hard to replicate, and that will not only be printed in paper but will create memories to last a lifetime of your destination wedding in Sintra, Portugal.


Due to the ceiling’s dome, the acoustic inside your wedding ceremony room is impressive, enabling the sound of the wedding ceremony and your vows reach all of your 50-90 seated wedding guests and continue to flutter down the palace’s aisle.


This one of a kind Monserrate wedding ceremony room has a full time luxurious piano inside, in which we can arrange for a pianist to play and/or a singer to sing during your entrance and wedding ceremony in the Monserrate Palace, Sintra, Portugal. Do not worry, as whatever you choose for your fairytale wedding in Portugal, we will guide you throughout the whole process, and whether you choose symbolic or civil, and despite all the paperwork, this wedding venue in Portugal is well worth all the work and much more, as we can assure you that a better wedding destination ceremony venue in Portugal will be extremely hard, if not impossible, to find.

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