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10 Luxury Wedding Details to add to your Wedding in Portugal

Every luxurious wedding in Portugal must include these special luxury wedding details, so that the elegance, and magnificence of these wedding venues in Portugal are combined with that of the event!

1. Flower Power- Include marvelous and exotic flower arrangements as luxury wedding details, by being creative and using bold colors, or stick to the simple yet elegant style of white and green tones. However, whatever you choose- go big. Big is better, and for a luxurious wedding in Portugal, you need everything to be big. A good tip is to never put the flower arrangements at eyesight level as it can block your guest’s views. Always aim to go above or below the eyesight level.

2. Lighting is Key- From fairy lights to chandeliers, to small lanterns, these luxury wedding details will provide that extra touch of elegance needed for your wedding in Portugal to be one of a kind!

3. Candles are a Must- Candles are as crucial as lighting to include as luxury wedding details in your destination wedding venues in Portugal. Include candles in your centerpieces, around the room, on gift tables, and as path liners. Candles are almost synonyms for romance, and therefore have to definitely be present in your wedding in Portugal. Contact us


4. Towels are Important- When it comes to the towels, think about simple yet elegant table towels, that will blend in smoothly with your theme, and create clean yet beautiful scenery for your wedding in Portugal.

5. Napkin Rings Count- The napkin rings, although a very small detail, they are where the guests name-tags are usually pinned onto. Therefore, they prove to be very important luxury wedding details and so they have to be beautiful and standout, as it is a detail that your guests will notice. You can choose from silk, lace strings with a bow, or you can choose a more traditional silver ring, however make sure it coordinates with your table theme.

Royal Chairs

​6. Chairs for Royals- Add luxury wedding details on the chairs of your reception in your destination wedding venues in Portugal, to create a more personalized yet intricate decoration. You can choose to add flowers, or even bows. Choose for the groom and bride’s chairs to have a more specialized detail, and a more standardized one for the chairs of the guests. Pinterest has some great ideas for this.

7. Cutlery Charm- Why not have special cutlery? A more refined cut, with elegant luxury wedding details, will quickly enhance the decoration of your table. These things, although they seem very small, they make a difference. All details count for your special day in your destination wedding venues in Portugal.

Red Carpet

8. Red Carpet Glam- Have a red carpet placed at the entrance of the venue, so that you can feel like the celebrity that you are on your special day. We can even add petals to the red carpet to give it that extra luxury wedding details in your beautiful and luxurious wedding in Portugal.

9. Music for the Ears- Music is key! Instead of having the normal DJ with ambience music, why not call a pianist or cello player, or even a music quartet to entertain you and your guests throughout your meal? This will add such a unique vibe and make your wedding a luxurious wedding in in Portugal.

Romantic Signalization

10. Romantic Signalization- As your guests will need to know where to go around your luxurious wedding venues in Portugal, and might need to have someone to guide them, you can choose to add signalization in a romantic way with beautiful signs arranged with luxury wedding details such as with flowers, or in cards around these venues, or even have some extra staff there to guide your guests around. This way your guests will always know where to go and will not feel lost, and at the same time you are adding a detail to your décor.

Although quite simple to implement, these luxury wedding details are what will transform your destination wedding venue in Portugal from simple and mediocre to elegant and luxurious.

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