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Book OUR wedding planner SERVICES for your destination wedding in Portugal

Being a wedding planner is not just a job, it's a real passion! We will put all our energy and our love in the realization of one of your most beautiful dreams. We are always very attached to our bride and groom and make sure that their wedding is perfect!

Why hire a wedding planner?

A Wedding Planner will define himself as the conductor of your dream that will become reality.It will explore all your desires, your criteria, your constraints, your budget. It will select the best places, the best providers, bring you ideas, find solutions to your constraints, advise you ...

He will guide you and take charge of the preparations, he will be the only link between you and the service providers to save you time and relieve you of all the stress that a wedding can bring, especially when it takes place in a foreign country.

Of course no decision is made by the wedding planner who is there to accompany you and not to impose your choices!

What does the Service of a Wedding Planner include?

Our teams of wedding planners will accompany you along this beautiful path. From the birth of your beautiful life project to the realization of this one, respecting all the necessary steps for a serene organization. Our path together will include:

  • Regular contact to exchange about your wishes and desires for a perfect wedding (Meetings, phone calls and email exchange)

  • Advise about venues that can accommodate your wedding

  • Visit the venues

  • Develop a budget adapted to your request

  • Creating a calendar

  • Creation of the Wedding theme reflecting the personality of the bride and groom

  • Conception and organization of services: catering, decoration, flowers wedding cake, Dj ..

  • Design and organization of printing services: menus, layout of tables.

  • Proposals and recommendations for key moments of the Wedding: first dance, moment of the cutting of the cake, animations evening ...

  • Recommendation and coordination of services and suppliers: musicians, singers, children animation, show bartenders, photoboot ..

  • Contacts and information to guide your guests: list of hotels, taxi numbers.

  • Alignment and management of the event program

  • Simplification of payments

  • Coordination of the entire event for D-Day

Why Choosing Us More than an other?

First of all our years of experience as a wedding planner allow us to offer you an exemplary service and professionalism. Because of this, we work with the best providers in the region, which offers you highest quality and best price. All these factors make our strength and will guarantee you a wedding more than Perfect.

The second reason for our success is that our team is made up of highly professional , with an international profil. Our wedding planner already have a lot of experience regarding 'foreign' weddings and know how to adapt to any type of wedding style. We know how difficult it is to organize a wedding when we do not live on the spot.

As a result, Wedding Venues Portugal has set up all-inclusive packages that include all the services needed to facilitate the organization of your wedding, while reflecting your roots and personalities.

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