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Castle wedding with a view at Pena Palace Portugal

Today we introduce you a Castle wedding with a view at Pena Palace Portugal- a venue fit for royalty.

Pena Palace is one of our favorite locations that is sure to make all of your fairytale wedding dreams come true. Nestled in the misty mountains of Sintra - a town rich in history, romance and culture - Pena Palace serves as a beautiful backdrop for any wedding. With its 360º views, the palace ensures that there is an exquisite photo opportunity at every turn.

The first impression of Sintra is always one of magic and awe, and even more so of Pena Palace. As you make your way up to the palace along the windy roads, through the luscious forests, you know that you are in a special place. You can feel it. Sintra is the very embodiment of enchantment, whimsy, and romance; which is precisely what makes it such a sought-after wedding venue.

All guests attending weddings at the palace are offered an exclusive tour by palace staff once visiting hours are over; a privilege in its own right and one that we strongly suggest is taken advantage of, due to the enormous crowds that Sintra attracts on a daily basis. Whether you are among the crowds or not, exploring the palace grounds in their entirety is a memorable experience not to be missed.

For our last wedding at Pena, the bride had requested a gold color scheme for the upper terrace. In order to bring this to life, we paired gold chairs with white cushions for a classic look and adorned the tables with gold and white plates and glassware to match. For the floral arrangements, we chose white and creme roses accompanied by green and white peonies to add a soft touch. On the lower terrace we wanted to create a chic yet slightly moodier ambiance, so we opted for the ever popular transparent Philip Starck Ghost chairs to lend a more modern flare. For the table settings, we combined turquoise wine glasses with gold vases to add some contrast as well as darker tablecloths. Pink bouquets were chosen for variety and to brighten up the overall arrangements.

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner we are well seasoned, along with all of our affiliated vendors, when it comes to organizing weddings in Sintra, especially at Pena Palace, so you can be sure all will run smoothly on your big day.

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