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Orthodox wedding ceremony in Portugal

The Orthodox Wedding Ceremony, is beautiful and every step of the ceremony has extreme meaning behind the actions taken. If it is an Orthodox Wedding Ceremony in Portugal that you wish to have at your destination wedding, than the wedding ceremony can be held at Lisbon’s Orthodox Church with an Orthodox Priest. We can help you to organize this, and help you with the paperwork necessary for your Orthodox Wedding Ceremony in Portugal. If you prefer to get married at a different wedding venue, we can try to arrange for the Orthodox Priest to travel to the wedding venue and perform the wedding ceremony at your wedding venue of choice.

The type of wedding ceremony you choose is completely up to you, and we as your wedding planners will see to it that all the paperwork is taken care of and that the proper arrangements are done, so that everything is ready on your special wedding day in Portugal. Therefore, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and if you would like any other type of wedding ceremony in Portugal in these beautiful and an one of a kind wedding destination venues in Portugal.

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