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Pena Palace Ceremonies in Portugal

Pena Palace Ceremonies are gorgeous. Pena Palace is a great venue for your wedding ceremony in Portugal, you can be sure that you and your guests will feel like royalty in this magical and grand wedding venue in Portugal. The National Pena Palace is an extremely historic and unique wedding venue in Portugal, that will ensure that your guests will feel special, like they belong to a royal family, from the moment they enter the big red doors of this destination wedding venue in Portugal until the moment they leave. National Pena Palace Ceremonies are not only a present for you, they are also a present for your wedding guests, as they will be astonished at this top high quality destination wedding venue in Portugal.

The wedding ceremony in Portugal, in this historically royal wedding venue in Portugal is outdoors in one of the palace’s terraces with a panoramic view of Sintra’s village, natural reservoir park, and with the Atlantic Ocean in the horizon. This terrace is able to seat 50 to 100 guests, with a red carpet aisle running between the two blocks of elegant chairs. Because the terrace is right in the middle of the Pena Palace, you also have a great vision of the palace’s beautiful architecture whilst you are saying your wedding vows. If you choose to do your wedding ceremony in Portugal with the Pena Palace Ceremonies a bit later than usual, you can have a gorgeous sunset in the background, as well as hitting the walls of the Pena Palace making everything shine like gold, which will create beautiful picture opportunities that you will cherish forever.

Pena Palace wedding Ceremony

Due to the fact that the Pena Palace Ceremonies in Sintra, Portugal, are on the tip-top of Sintra’s Mountains, the view presented during your wedding ceremony in Portugal is so romantic and unique making you feel like you are living a true wedding fairytale in Portugal. In this destination wedding venue in Portugal, your wedding ceremony in Portugal is almost a complement of the surrounding romantic enchantment of Sintra’s mountains and national reservoir park. The architecture of this palace is so unique and original, especially considering the time and age in which it was built, and therefore it looks extremely exotic sitting at the top of the mountain’s extensive greenery.

If you do not want to have your romantic wedding Pena Palace ceremonies outdoors, you can choose an indoor room of the Pena Palace that will involve and surround your romantic wedding ceremony in Portugal with the historical design of the Pena Palace’s indoors wedding venue in Portugal.

Most couples choose a civil or symbolic wedding ceremony for this destination wedding venue in Portugal. For the civil wedding ceremony in Portugal, the register can go to the Pena Palace and get you directly married in front of your family and friends in a romantic wedding destination civil ceremony in Portugal. If you would like an intimate and romantic symbolic wedding ceremony, led by family and friends that is also very possible in this destination wedding venue in Portugal.

Pena Wedding Ceremony

In the end what matters is that whether you would like a Civil, a Symbolic, a Catholic or Anglican, or a vow renewal wedding destination ceremony in Portugal, these can all be arranged and taken care of for your special destination wedding day in Portugal. However, whichever type of style or preference of wedding ceremony in Portugal that you prefer, it will look and go amazing with any one of these two beautiful wedding destination venues in Sintra, Portugal: Monserrate Palace or the Pena Palace.

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